Your Next MAHAP Members’ Educational Meeting

Your 2016-2017 MAHAP Members’ Educational Meeting Season continues with our March 24, 2017 MAHAP Meeting. Again to be held at the Mt. Pleasant Comfort Inn and Conference Center, speakers will present on

* Bridging The Gap To Achieve Patient Financial Clearance” (Jamie Modesto - The SSI Group)
* “MVA Updates 2017” (Rob Dice - Dice Law)
* “Third-Party Updates” (Jackie Rondo – Humana)

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MAHAP Needs You!

Volunteer as a Committee Member
Your MAHAP Board is seeking members interested in joining the MAHAP Board or a MAHAP Committee. As a Board or Committee member, your responsibilities are well-defined, manageable, and time-limited to require no more than 2-3 hours monthly. Also, Board and Committee members don’t serve alone: You’re backed up by rest of the MAHAP Board. Your MAHAP Board strives to make sure all positions are filled by satisfied, enthusiastic volunteers that provide MAHAP members with content-rich Membership Meetings.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming involved as a MAHAP Board or Committee member Click On the following Email address to contact your board

MAHAP Membership Renewal For The 2016-2017 Year is Still Available:

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