Welcome MRCA! As a result of months of planning, the Michigan Association of Healthcare Access Professionals (MAHAP) and the Michigan Patient Accounting Association (MPAA) have successfully completed their merge! The registration is now open for membership, please click here to join MRCA for the 2017-2018 year. Membership is a one-time fee of $220 and includes the cost of four general meetings; this does not include the Fall Conference.

The newly elected Board of Directors wants to thank everyone for participating in the elections held at the end of May, we had a great voter response, thank you. As a result of those elections, your new MRCA Board is as follows:

Elected Positions
Terri Lombardi – President
Laurie Schaefer – President Elect
Carrie Nurenberg – Past President/Chairperson of the Board
Acacia Holmes – Treasurer
Matt Lueck - Secretary
Kevin Wahr – Board Member
Dawn Neil – Board Member
Mary Oomen – Board Member
Brenda Halpert – Board Member

Appointed Positions
Angela Keehn – Communications Chair
Renee Sheneman – Membership Chair
Cheryl Korpela – Program Chair
Jo Barbauld – Corporate Partner Chair

In June, the Board held an all-day planning meeting where new By Laws were created, a budget for the new year was prepared and most importantly, we began to outline next year’s programs! We are currently working on a website proposal, logo development and completing the financial and regulatory pieces needed to create a new non-profit organization. The old websites are still available to you for resources but will not be updated past their current content.

We look forward to seeing you in the Fall! Thank you.

Terri Lombardi, MRCA President